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HN Enerji offers solution partnership to the companies which desire to economize time, energy and various costs. HN Enerji is happy to be able to contribute to the added value produced within our country by enabling its clients’ use their energies more efficient, sustainable and profitable via the services it’s providing.

HN Enerji is one of the leading diesel oil and mineral oil purchasing agencies of Turkey with a wide range of client references. HN Enerji converts its experience to productivity by supporting its clients to reduce their energy input costs besides its other services such as shopkeeping and employee payroll keeping.

HN Enerji provides most competitive price possible for professional services with its negotiation power and experience, even for a single site or complex portfolios including multiple sites or a new connection.


A kind of partnership agreement made with HN Enerji provides companies (i)“win-win” cooperation (ii) cost measuring and (iii) time saving.

Proposals working with various dynamics can be provided which would fit to your company’s cash flow.


Increasing global competition forces companies to be more flexible. As a result of this, outsourcing has gained more importance in recent years, especially in areas that are deemed to be inefficient for companies. Outsourcing services also enable companies to gain advantage by means of cost and efficiency as a result of focusing on their main business areas. Companies are able to achieve their strategic goals more easily by focusing on creating added value in their main areas of business and maximizing their performances by receiving services from companies that are specialized in such secondary areas.

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What is?

It is the fleet management system which provides 100% control of fuel consumption of company vehicles within desired limits through the Most Advanced Automation Infrastructure of PO gas stations without doing any payment. PO has the widest fuel station network all around Turkey.

How It Works?

A Vehicle Identification Unit is applied to your vehicles. This unit which includes vehicle information would communicate with the pump during fuel filling and transfers the vehicle information to PO Automation system. System starts functioning as soon as the vehicle which is equipped with Vehicle Identification Unit gets fuel from the pump. Communication occurs when pump rod is placed in tank of the vehicle. Vehicle information is passed on to the Station Control Unit through vehicle identification unit and tank antenna. Pump starts functioning as soon as it receives confirmation from the Station Control Unit. At the end of filling, related filling information (such as liter, unit price, product type, date, time, vehicle license plate, kilometer, etc.) is stored in the memory of the Station Control Unit and all these information is printed on a filling receipt and handed over to the driver for the record. This information is transferred to a computer of that station.



  • Only the price of fuel is registered to the system, no other product can be registered.
  • Possible material losses can be avoided which may be caused by human mistakes.
  • Fuel consumption can be controlled by means of vehicle and period.
  • No risk of theft as long as no card and cash is given to the driver.
  • Time saving during all stages of both shopping and fleet management.
  • Product leakage due to bad intention would be prevented.
  • Filling in another vehicle is prevented.


  • No need to provide cash or credit card to the driver.
  • It can be controlled that the vehicle is in the right place at the right time.
  • Travel program of the vehicle can be tracked on daily basis.
  • Filling the vehicle tank with wrong product is prevented.
  • Fuel consumption can be managed in most effective and safest manner.
  • All kinds of modification and restriction transactions regarding vehicles can be accomplished 7/24


  • A wide range of filling station network is serving all around Turkey.
  • No need to wait in the station for receipt.
  • No need for the driver prepares expense receipt.
  • Invoicing and reporting by unique center.
  • Fuel consumption can be managed in most effective and safest manner.
  • Only one payment point instead of hundreds of stations.

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As your procurement agency, HN Energy negotiates with fuel distributors on behalf of its clients in order to get the most convenient proposal for dumped gas oil and responds its clients with a highly aggressive proposal. Important point here is, to provide the lowest price by having the invoice issued directly by the distributor to the client.

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Shops in fuel stations are the areas where communications with the customers are intensely experienced. Thus, it has utmost importance in customer satisfaction. Researches set forth that shop attendees’ behaviors are the most important determinants on customers choice among fuel stations. HN Enerji makes sure that customers leave the stations happily with its good-humored employees, vast variety of products, quick services and technological infrastructure.

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HN Enerji co-operates with Petrol Ofisi, which is one of the key manufacturers of our country, for the supply of Naphta. You may contact us to buy the best quality with lower price.

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